Yeongcheon Horse Racing Park

Yeongcheon Horse Racing Park
Yeongcheon Horse Racing Park


Yeongcheon, South Korea


International Competition


Horse Racing Facility, Theme Park

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Rafael Luna, Dongwoo Yim; collaborated with Supermass Studio (Master Plan & Project Lead), Dongsimwon Landscape Design (Landscape Architecture), Wilmotte & Associes (Equine Architecture), PRAUD (Theme Park Architecture), RIVA Creative (Ride & Entertainment Programming), Pro Forma Advisors (Economic Viability), Dennis Allain (Rendering Images)


​The underlying ambition of the park will be to explore the associations people have with horses, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually to provide visitors with a deeper meaning about their place and role in the environment. To achieve these ends, visitors will follow the journey of an idyllic horse who strives to become a champion race horse and abandons the ultimate accomplishment by leaving it all behind and returning to the wilderness.

Visitors will be directed through four distinctively different environs of pasture, forest, highland, and valley, which offers a range of different encounter experiences with horses. In keeping with the storybook approach, each of these environments will be associated with a chapter of the story. Each unique landscape will include different engaging programs and enchanting attractions that are housed in buildings which are blended into the landscape, dissolving the boundaries between the real and imagined. Various encounters with horses along the journey will reinforce the story and our relationship with the environment. In the end, visitors will experience the park and the landscape through the eyes of a horse and leave with a unique and personal embodiment of the emotions associated with the story.



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