Hotel Liesma

Hotel Liesma
Hotel Liesma


Jurmala, Latvia


International Competition



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Floor Area



Rafael Luna, Dongwoo Yim, Emily Ko


The main concept of the project is to elevate the new hotel mass from the ground level. There are two major purposes of this approach; to have widely open public park on the ground level and to provide better view to the Baltic sea from hotel rooms.

Every single room in the new mass has direct view towards the sea and has access to the balcony on the roof. This new mat-type mass is held by multiple cones that contain public programs inside such as, music cafe, restaurants, conference hall, and swimming pool. By having private hotel rooms separated from the ground level and public programs sitting on the ground, the whole ground level, which we call it as music park, could be used as a dynamic and cultural park not only for the visitors to the hotel but also for all people who visits the city. Therefore, the music park becomes a new field for all those music concerts and festival of the city.

And by putting business class rooms and junior suites in the existing building, the hotel can be managed more efficiently. When it is in leisure season mostly for families, the hotel can only operate the new mat-type mass and couple of cones, while when it is for business conference, it can mainly operate the existing building, conference cone and restaurant cone. This efficient way of using the hotel facilities will let the hotel run viably through out the whole year.



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